An online platform is defined as a digital service that facilitates interactions between two or more distinct but interdependent sets of users (whether firms or individuals) who interact through the service via the Internet. It has several names such as e-platform, digital platform etc.

Online platforms support so many of our daily activities that we have become dependent on them in our personal and professional lives including wide range of effect on societies and economies.. We rely on them to buy and sell goods and services, to find information, and to keep in touch with each other. We use them for entertainment, news, transportation, accommodation, finding jobs and employees, finding apps, and for many other purposes.

Online platforms have raised eyebrows lately with new and important policy questions, but the businesses themselves can be more complex than they appear so they are not always well understood.

Quick summary

To understand Online platform is pretty simple (4 important points)

  1. We will connect you to our trusted cooperation partners who are best in the field (licensed agents, law firms and property developers).
  2. All our services are free of charge. We do not charge any fee to clients.
  3. We do not provide immigration, investment, tax or property advice. We leave these services to our cooperation partners.
  4. You will deal everything with the assigned agent.  You send all your paperwork, payments (not to us)
  5. We respect privacy of clients. We do not solicit. (We reach you by email)

How we built a referral online platform for CBI and Golden visas?

Ten years ago, if you want to apply for immigration to Germany, you would be forced to apply through a local consultancy in China/India. They work in turn with a law firm or agency in Germany to provide you the service. Back then it is impossible to directly contact the German company, you have to pay the higher costs charged by local agent. All the forms and paperwork has to go through the broker or chain of brokers. Today in the digital age, online platform breaks all borders, helping you to connect directly to immigration firms direct in any country without middlemen. You save money, time and paperwork and get highly qualified immigration advice. When you want to buy real estate we put you in touch with the property developer. Important not deal with broker or middlemen who will vastly inflate prices.

We have applied this concept to build an e-platform (eg. Best Citizenships, Citizenship Shop) for citizenship and residence by investment programs which is a $15 billion industry across the globe. Our B2C platform connects investors with licensed agents, property developers and law firms.

It is important to note that all services of online platform are free of charge. You dont pay a single penny to us, directly to the firm you deal with. You will deal with our trusted cooperation partners giving you a peace of mind. We work with the best people and highly qualified experts in the industry.

Unique Benefits

Let us take a look at some unique benefits of using an online platform.

1. Eliminates chain of brokers and intermediaries.
2. Makes it cheaper, faster and easier for end clients. We save you from unwanted fees and taxes (eg. VAT)
3. All services are free of charge. We charge no fee. You pay directly to Government agent.
4. No immigration, investment, tax or legal advice provided by online platform (we leave to qualified experts)
5. Fully transparent business model with full disclosure.
6. We provide Up to date information and news.
7. Freely negotiate pricing and fees with our cooperation partners
8. We provide free tools, calculator, downloadable e-materials to make your decision.
9. We respect privacy, no soliciting or annoying phone calls with sales pitches.
10. We did it before with a decade of experience since 2011.

How it works?

The working of online platform is pretty simple. Just signup and we will assign you a licensed agent or law firm depending on the country and the program you prefer (citizenship or residency)

1. Request a free quote.
2. We will assign you a government licensed agent (our trusted partner).
3. You will get free quote and list of documents required and highly qualified from our cooperation partner.
4. Directly contact them with your questions on phone, WhatsApp or email.
5. Send all the paperwork and pay directly to the agent.
6. Receive your citizenship certificate or residence cards from your agent.

How to save taxes?

For example if you apply for St Kitts through an agent in Dubai, they will charge you 5% VAT for the services provided there. The Dubai company will work/invoice submitting your application through a local agent in St Kitts. If you apply through an online platform, you get an invoice from local St Kitts agent, thus saving you VAT taxes.

As you can see, online platform links the migration services industry directly with prospective investors making it a successful B2C model. We expect our business model to be hugely successful in the coming years, like other popular online platforms such as (Airbnb, Uber, eBay, Craigslist)