Saint Lucia grants immediate permanent residency to non-nationals who invest in Real estate market. It is an attractive scheme for investors who want indefinite rights to stay in the country without citizenship.

Non-nationals can hold, lease, acquire or purchase land in Saint Lucia with an Alien Landholding License under the following legislations

The AL license can be issued for one year or upto 10 years.

Alien investor is eligible to make an application to the Chief Immigration Officer for an Alien investor entrance permit for himself or herself or on behalf of his or her dependent. There is no minimum investment to acquire this license but the applicable non-refundable fees must be paid for the license and permits.

An attorney-at-law on behalf of an alien (proxy) with a valid certificate may make an application to the Board for an alien landholding license to purchase, acquire, lease, subdivide land or continue to hold land in Saint Lucia.

Dependants are also eligible for PR for property investments.  It is important to remember aliens shall not purchase, acquire, lease or continue to hold land to used for any purpose in Saint Lucia without a valid license.

Companies can also apply for the AL license provided, shareholder or beneficial owner hold atleast 25% of shares. Birth certificate, police or good character certificate and other documents are required to apply for eligibility.


Eligibility certificate: $3000 (1 year) or $10,000 (10 years)

Alien landholding license: 

  • Up to 1 acre: $5,000
  • 1 acre up to 10 acres: $10,000
  • 10 acres up to 20 acres: $20,000

Lease: $2500 or 2%

The full list of fee is pdf format

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