Vanuatu Government has made important changes to DSP citizenship program by accepting multiple currencies under the Citizenship (Development Support Program) Amendment Regulations Order No. 125 of 2021 effective from Aug 6, 2021.

From now on you can pay AUD, NZD and JPY besides US dollar and prices have been fixed to protect investors from currency fluctuations.

Family (3)165,000230,000250,00019,025,000
Family (4)180,000251,000273,00020,755,000
Additional dependants10,00014,00016,0001,154,000
DD fee5,0007,0008,000577,000
Application fee (post addition only)5,0007,0008,000577,000


Development Support Program Regulations 124 and 125 of 2021
Development Support Program Regulations Order No. 33 of 2019