The Government of Grenada has registered a steady inflow of CBI applications for 2021 under NTF donation and Real estate investment options. The latest CBI statistics reveal applications and demand for Grenada CBI not affected by coronavirus pandemic.

The Grenadian CBI is one the Gold standard CBI programs in the Caribbean with benefits include access to E-2 US visa for investors, tax free status, exemption from personal visits and a powerful one of a kind caribbean passport facilitating free movement to China, Russia, UK and Europe. Grenada scored first spot in Best CBI rankings for 2019/20.

Grenada requires a minimum $150k one time contribution to state coffers or a $200,000 real estate investment to become a citizen. The processing time is 3 months to issue a passport valid for five years. Applications for Citizenship by Investment will be approved within 60 business days of submission (subject to a satisfactory due diligence check and the funds being received).  Applications for citizenship may not be submitted directly to Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Committee (CBIC) and must only be handled by appointed agents.

Over 200 applications received during first half of 2021 and over 500 new citizens were conferred citizenship and passport for investing in the country.

2021 Applications Received NTF  Real Estate Approved Refused New citizens
Jan 38 13 25 23 2 81
Feb 37 11 26 44 1 136
Mar 43 16 27 29 3 93
Apr 35 15 20 34 1 109
May 34 14 20 28 0 82
Jun 39 22 17 10 2 27
Total 226 91 135 168 9 528

Sources: Finance Ministry