We have compiled strongest and most powerful passports from the Caribbean Caricom countries in terms of visa free access to countries.

Barbados takes the first spot and consistently maintained this position for being the strongest passport the Caribbean. The second place is Bahamas followed by St Kitts in third place as per Henley Passport Index.  Haiti and Dominican Republic has the worst passports in the Caribbean when it comes to mobility. Over the years St Kitts has increased passport power significantly by establishing more diplomatic relations and signing visa waiver agreements.

Caribbean Passport Power

Rank Passport Visa free
1 Barbados 163
2 Bahamas 156
3 St.Kitts & Nevis 155
4 St.Vincent and Grenadines 154
5 Antigua and Barbuda 150
6 Trinidad and Tobago 150
7 Grenada 146
7 Saint Lucia 146
8 Dominica 143
9 Belize 102
10 Jamaica 88
11 Guyana 88
12 Suriname 78
13 Dominican Republic 70
14 Haiti 59

Source:  Henley Passport Index 2023
Note: Commonwealth of Dominica is not to be confused with Dominican Republic.

Here are the brief difference between Caribbean passports with visa free travel criteria to BIG-6 nations

Visa Free Schengen USA UK Canada Russia China
Bahamas Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
St.Kitts and Nevis Yes No Yes No** Yes No
Barbados Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Antigua and Barbuda Yes No Yes No** Yes No
St Vincent and Grenadines Yes No Yes No** Yes No
Trinidad and Tobago Yes No Yes No** No No
Grenada Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Saint Lucia Yes No Yes No** No No
Dominica Yes No No No Yes No
Belize No No Yes No No No
Jamaica No No No No Yes No
Guyana No No No No Yes No
Suriname No No No No Yes Yes
Dominican Republic No No No No Yes No
Haiti No No No No No No

** Canada eTA eligible for US visa holders.

What is Caricom Passport?

The CARICOM passport is a passport document issued by the 15 member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) for their citizens. It can be used both for intra-regional and international travel. The CARICOM passports are written with the words “CC Caricom Community” as uniform standard in dark blue covers.


Nationals of Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines are also OECS citizens. They may use a member-state issued drivers licence, national identification card, voters registration card or social security card for travel within the OECS area


Among the CARICOM, only 5 OECS caribbean nations (St Kitts, St Lucia, Antigua, Dominica, Grenada) run investment citizenship programs, also called “CBI”.  These countries grant citizenship within months and the investment ranges from $100K to $200k either through donation to state or real estate.

Among CBI nations, St Kitts tops for having the most powerful passport followed by Antigua and Barbuda.

Rank Passport Visa free
1 St Kitts and Nevis 155
2 Antigua and Barbuda 150
3 Grenada 146
4 Saint Lucia 146
5 Dominica 143

Source: Henley passport index