Citizenship by investment (CBI) schemes have become extremely popular kindling interest even during covid times. These passport for investment schemes have become a $2 billion industry annually. These are legal programs backed by solid legislation and laws for acquiring a fast track passport. The Caribbean countries lead from the front.

To give you a good idea, prices start from $100,000 plus overhead costs for a single applicant. For families the more you add dependants it would cost more. You can also use our online calculator.

Many first time investors are misinformed about the costs associated with CBI schemes. We will explain below various citizenship costs making it fully transparent. You will understand ALL the associated costs below, so that you are not surprised when you get a quote from agent.

First, you should know the two possible investment routes to acquire investment passport.

  • Non-Refundable investments (Donation)
  • Refundable investments (Real estate, Govt bonds, Business)

Donation requires one time contribution to the government fund. You will pay when your application is first approved. Once you take the passport, the entire investment is non-refundable, even if the citizenship is withdrawn or revoked. The minimum investment for donation for most CBI programs is $100,000. It goes up for each family member.

Real estate investments are available for CBI for a minimum of $200,000 in hotels or resorts can be sold after 5 years to recover your investment. You can buy shares with holding period of 5 years. Some developers even offer loans. You have to check if the developer can buy your shares back or you have to look for a buyer. Important to remember investing in only approved CIP projects will make you eligible for citizenship. (residential properties disallowed)

Government bonds are risk free investments. You are basically buying interest free government securities locked for a period of 5 years. For example St Lucia issues Covid relief bonds for $250,000

Total costs = Investment + Overhead costs

The Overhead costs are made up of the following

  1. Government application fee
  2. Due diligence check fee
  3. Government processing fee (only for real estate and bonds)
  4. Passport issuance fee
  5. Licensed Agent fee

All the overhead costs (except agent fee) paid to the government. You should only pay the agent fee to the agency., rest to the government account. There are no other hidden fee or costs. The Agency fee can be negotiated with the agents (between you and the agent).

Please note Best Citizenships is an online platform. Our services are free of charge. We do not charge any fee to our clients. You will pay directly the the government appointed agency who will assist you with your application.

We will give you a solid example. (full disclosure)

St Lucia (Donation)

Costs for one single applicant

Donation (non-refundable) = $100,000
Due diligence fee = $7,500
Application fee = $2000
Lawyer fee = $4000 (varies)
Total = $113,500 (one person)

St Kitts and Nevis (Donation)

Let us assume a family applies with two children under 16. Note that donation amount reduced to $150,000 for families upto 4 (limited time discount instead of $195,000)

Donation (non-refundable) = $150,000  (Limited time discount
Due diligence = $7500×2 = $15,000
Application fee = $250×4 = $1000
Agency fee = $6,000
Passport fee, Courier and bank charges = $2000
Total = $174,000

Antigua and Barbuda (Donation)

Let us assume a family of four with two children below 18 apply for Antigua

Donation (non-refundable) = $100,000
Government processing = $30,000
Due diligence = $7,5000×2 = $15,000
Licensed agent fee = $5000
Passport fee = $300×4 = $1200
Courier and bank costs = $2000
Total = $152,200

Vanuatu (Donation)

Assuming for a two people apply (investor and spouse)

DSP donation = $150,000
Due diligence = $5,000 (per file)
Passport fee = $300×2 = $600
Agent fee = already included in the donation
Total: $155,600

Grenada (Donation)

For single applicant.

Donation Investment = $150,000
Due diligence = $5000
Application fee = $1500
Processing fee = $1500
Oath = $25
Passport fee = $250
Marketing and local agent fee = $15,000 (varies)
Total:  $173,275

Real Estate (Grenada)

Assuming a family of four with two children < 16 apply for Grenada CBI through real estate route in a five star hotel resort.

Hotel Share cost = $220,000
Govt processing fee = $50,000
Due diligence = $5000 x 2 = $10,000
Application fee = $1500×4 = $6000
Share registration fee = $8,800
Passport fee = $1000×4 = $4000
Total = $299,800

As you can see, the $220,000 is recoverable when you sell off the share after 5 years, keeping your Grenadian citizenship for life.

St Lucia (Government bonds)

St Lucia offers instant citizenship for investment in covid relief bonds with discount. It is limited offer available until end of 2022. The bare minimum is $250,000 locked for 5 years. The lock period is increased by one year for each family member.. You can also buy bonds for $300,000 keeping the holding period for 5 years.

This is an example for one applicant.

Bond sum = $250,000
Govt fee = $30,000
Application fee = free
Due diligence = $7,500
Agency fee = $4000
Total: $291,000

As you can see, $250k is fully recoverable (without interest) after 5 years while keeping citizenship permanently. The net costs for SL citizenship is only $45,000

Please contact us if you have any questions on costs. Each CBI program is different and have a slightly different pricing and costs. Please go through our CBI guide before you decide.