We live in modern world and passports have fast become an legal investment model for small countries. Multiple Citizenship has become an important status and coveted trophies against the backdrop of uncertain future caused by global events. Passports are viewed as a Plan B tool to protect assets offshore by increasing number of HNWI from developing nations – Africa, Middle East and Asia.

If you are insanely rich and have millions to invest, you can be a proud holder of passport collection from ten nations investing through CBI, five from caribbean, three european nations, and one from pacific plus Turkey in Eurasia.

Have you ever imagined how much it would cost to own ten passports?

We have put together a list on approximately how much it would cost you, (cheapest route for single applicant), excluding lawyer/agent fees. Assuming a lawyer or authorized agent will charge you an average $5,000 per country, then it would add to $50,000 in expenses.

All in all, you should be prepared to spend atleast $3.8 million at the minimum plus all small costs to gather the required paperwork.  It is extremely rare one applicant or family have applied for all investment passports.

If you are looking at only Five Caribbean passports, be prepared to spend excess of half a million dollars.

CountryCosts ($)
St Lucia109,500.00 $ / Donation
Vanuatu135,500.00 $ / Donation
Dominica109,950.00 $ / Donation
St Kitts & Nevis157,750.00 $ / Donation
Antigua & Barbuda137,800.00 $ / Donation
Grenada158,500.00 $ / Donation
Montenegro365,000.00 $ / Real estate
Turkey265,000.00 $ / Real Estate
Malta1,000,000.00 $ / Donation
Bulgaria1,200,000.00 $ / Business
Total3,690,000.00 $

Note: Excluding lawyer/agent fee with exception of Vanuatu. Prices quoted in US dollars converted from Euros today’s rate

It is important to remember that EU citizenship programs in Malta and Bulgaria take one and two years time to get passport respectively.  All other countries can issue passports for direct investments in just 3-4 months. These are very fast and discrete citizenship by investment programs.

Do not underestimate Montenegro, a future candidate for EU acquis in five years. Montenegro will close in CIP from 2022 to pursue its EU ambitions

All programs apply strict background due diligence checks and chances are if you have shady background involved in illegal or criminal activities, you are refused of passport. If one country refuses, you will be wasting time with other countries. Some countries accept stateless people.

Filling out necessary application forms and arranging the required documents (eg. police certificate, original birth certificate with apostille) can be pretty time consuming.

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