Portugal officially does not have a citizenship by investment program. Portugal only has Golden visa scheme for investment activity. Golden visas are only residency schemes and should not be confused with citizenship-by-investment.

It is possible to become citizen of Portugal through Golden Visa scheme but it is a long path in 5 years.  There is no direct path that will lead to passport.

Here is what you need to do to get portuguese citizenship through golden visa investment.

  1. Buy a property for 280K euros
  2. Maintain your investment for 5 years
  3. Become a resident of Portugal
  4. Pay your taxes, healthcare etc..
  5. Spend atleast 2 weeks in Portugal per year as resident.
  6. Establish strong ties with Portugal learning culture, language and integrate with the local population
  7. Pass A2 language test (no civic test)
  8. File citizenship application after 5 years through a lawyer.
  9. Get your Portuguese passport.

Once you become citizen of Portugal, you automatically become EU citizen.

There are plenty of solid reasons why Portugal’s golden visa scheme stands out from the rest of the residency schemes. There are BIG changes coming in 2022, so make use of grabbing the best golden window of opportunity in 2021.

Portugal has one of the most powerful EU passports in the world with visa free access to US, Canada, Australia and other developed nations.

Portugal cannot be linked with Malta and Cyprus. Malta and Bulgaria are the only two EU countries that operate both golden visa and citizen by investment schemes.  It is worth noting that Cyprus has long closed its doors on investor citizenship scheme.