New fees apply effective from Sep 23, 2020 for Portugal Golden visa scheme applied by immigration authorities in Portugal for issuing residence permits for investment activity under Article 90-A

The following Government processing fees apply for all GV applications (real estate, capital transfer, bonds and other categories)

Initial Application

Per applicant

  • Receipt and Analysis fee – € 533 (paid after online submission)
  • Approval fee – € 5,325


Per applicant

  • Receipt and Analysis fee – € 533 (paid after online submission)
  • Approval fee – € 2,663

Permanent Residence

Permanent residence permit – € 7,455 (reduced 50% to € 3,728 incase of minors)

Total Costs (5 years)

Assuming main applicant applying with family members

1 Applicant – €12,250
2 Applicants – €24,500
3 Applicants – €36,750
4 Applicants – €49,000
5 Applicants – €61,250
6 Applicants – €73,500

Note:Residence permits are issued for maximum period of 1-2 years with the possibility of extensions.


Golden visa applicants outside the territory of schengen states, may launch the residency application at consulate posts abroad

Long-stay visas, in compliance with existing domestic law, can be either temporary or for residency authorization purposes, depending on the duration of the stay and granting the visa holder an authorization to stay in the country according to different purposes: study, internship, work, medical treatment, among others.

Temporary stay visas allow entry and stay in Portugal for less than a year. Temporary stay visas are valid during the entire stay and allow for multiple entries.

Residency visas allow two entries and is valid for a period of 4 months. During that time, the holder of a residency visa is required to request a residency permit with the Immigration and Border Services (SEF).

The fees for processing national visa applications are:

  • Temporary stay visa – 75 €
  • Residency visa – 90 €