We will answer you ten important questions related to DSP citizenship by investment program in Vanuatu.  A number of clients have frequently asked us these important questions, so we have decided to put them in one place.

What is Vanuatu DSP program?

The Vanuatu Development Support program (DSP) was launched in 2015 to attract foreign investment into the country.  Individuals and families achieve fast track Vanuatu citizenship in 2 months through the Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP) by making USD 130,000 one time contribution to the Vanuatu Government

The Citizenship acquired under the DSP is fully recognised, and allows successful applicants to be regarded as Ni-Vanuatu ( as Vanuatu citizens are known by) and have the right to reside in Vanuatu, with no minimum time spent in country requirements.  The Vanuatu passport issued under the program is recognized by 125 countries and territories worldwide with visa free rights.

The Vanuatu DSP program is supported by 90 licensed agents who are entirely Vanuatu citizens with a global outreach.

What are the benefits with DSP program?

the benefits of gaining Vanuatu citizenship through the DSP include:-

– Peace of mind and added security of dual nationality for you and your family and having the choice of where you reside,
– Increase your global mobility with visa free or visa upon arrival access to over 130 countries
– Favourable tax conditions
– Efficient processing times with decisions taken within 30 days.
– Vanuatu passports are valid for 10 years and are renewable upon expiry. Citizenship is also hereditary.
– Citizenship is private, confidential and not reported to other countries.
– Seamless and transparent application process.
– Powerful and respected passport with visa free benefits to United Kingdom, Russia, European schengen states etc.

How much it costs?

These are the minimum selling prices set by Vanuatu citizenship commission.  There are no additional or hidden costs.

 Minimum contribution*

Single application


Married couple application


Married couple with one child under 18 years old


Married couple with two children under 18 years old



Additional fees

Due Diligence fee (per application) non refundable


Passport application (per person)


Administration and disbursements



Additional application fees for additional family members

Each additional child (aged under 18 years)


Each dependent child aged between 18 to 25


Each dependent adult over 50 years old


The minimum contribution fees are non-refundable and are set by law and may change without notice,?

What are the processing times?

Vanuatu has the fastest citizenship processing times among all other countries that operate a CBI program.  Here are the processing timelines. The Officials of Vanuatu National citizenship commission meet twice a month to take decisions on investment applications received through DSP program

  • FIU due diligence check – 4 days
  • Citizenship approval – 3 weeks
  • Oath – 1 day
  • Passport – 2 weeks
  • Total: 6 weeks (1.5 months)

What is the agency and lawyer fee?

None. All lawyer, agency and broker fee already included in the contribution. You dont need to pay anything extra.

Is there a real estate option?

No. The DSP program is donation only and real estate investments dont qualify.

How to Apply?

The first step to start the application process is pay USD 5000 due diligence fee and the rest only your application is approved by government.

The below outlines the process involved:-

  • Step one:        Initial documents, and due diligence fee are required. We will submit the application for approval by the Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).
  • Step two:        Once approved in principle, the remaining documents will be submitted to the Citizenship office along with 25% of the Government contribution.
  • Step three:      On confirmation of Approval, the remaining 75% of the Government contribution is then payable within 5 days
  • Step four:       Citizenship Certificate is then issued and applicants are then required to take an Oath of Allegiance (video link).
  • Step Five:       Once Oath of Allegiance is completed a passport will then be applied for and issued.

Who cannot apply?

The Vanuatu DSP citizenship program is not open for nationals from Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea or Yemen, unless they have permanent residence outside those countries and have lived outside of those countries for more than 5 years.

What is Oath ceremony?

The Oath ceremony is a process where you swear oath of allegiance and solemn affirmation for Vanuatu in front of the government official. (download pdf) The step is very important without which you will not become a full citizen of Vanuatu.  It takes about 10 minutes done through zoom or video link.  Only after oath, Vanuatu government releases original citizenship certificate and passport

What documents are required?

Be prepared with the following documents before you apply for Vanuatu DSP program to make the program much faster.

  • Police certificate  (FBI clearance if in the US)
  • Passport and other ID documents
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Proof of assets of USD 250,000 or more
  • Resume / CV
  • References (bank, lawyer, auditor etc.)

Where to get application forms?

The Application forms are available for download in the Vanuatu citizenship commission website