If you are interesting buying a second passport through citizenship by investment schemes, we have some important advice for you.

As most of the countries have tightened immigration and border controls, it doesn’t makes sense buying a passport from a country and you dont know where the country on the map. Sometimes border authorities can ask this question to make sure you hold a valid passport and not fake passport.

Besides it takes only a small effort to have some knowledge about the country where you are citizen of, including culture, language and traditions.  You will also need to have some basic knowledge about population, GDP, widely spoken language and currency used and common flight routes.

It is true that most caribbean countries don’t require you to visit for passport, you also have some responsibility as a citizen. Citizenship is pretty much useless if you don’t establish a genuine link with the country.

Don’t hold citizenship of an imaginary country.

Just try to visit the country atleast once for few days, spend time for holidays, just to get to know the country and people


Take a look on Bulgaria, Malta and Cyprus

Europe map


Here is some basic map on the caribbean countries and you can point the five CBI countries – Dominica, Antigua, Grenada, St Kitts and St Lucia. Carefully note the locations on map

Dominica vs Dominican Republic


Vanuatu can be bit difficult to locate on the map, in the centre not far from Australia

Vanuatu map

The rest of the CBI countries, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey and Bulgaria are quite easy to locate on the map. The Smallest countries in the world most of them are island nations are difficult to locate.

How to establish Genuine link?

You can establish genuine link to the country in the following ways

  • Personally visiting the country
  • Voting or working for Govt.
  • Donations to charities or non-profits
  • Paying taxes, healthcare and social security
  • Buying a property or rent to live
  • Becoming a permanent resident
  • Speaking local language, integration to society and culture.
  • Engage in Political affairs and working for government.

Here is some useful information we have collected for your knowledge

CBI GDP billion USD GDP per capita Population Currency
Moldova $25 $7,104.00 4M Moldova Leu – MDL
Montenegro $12 $19,120.00 629K EUR
Malta $20 $44,587.00 432K EUR
Cyprus $35.9 $41,572.00 1.1M EUR
St Kitts $0.89 $15,573.00 55K East Caribbean Dollar – XCD
Antigua $2.3 $25,998.00 103K XCD
Grenada $1.8 $16,600.00 108K XCD
Dominica $0.6 $9,720.00 74K XCD
St Lucia $2.6 $15,225.00 179K XCD
Vanuatu $0.7 $2,631.00 276K Vanuatu Vatu (VUV)
Turkey $2300 $8,625.00 81M Turkish Lira – TKL
Bulgaria $171 $24,577.00 7M Bulgaria Lev- BGN