St Kitts and Nevis remains the eight smallest country in the world. It is also smallest country in the Americas and the Western Hemisphere with a small population of 55,000. Yet this small country remains the birthplace for citizenship by investment.

When the sugar industry collapsed in 2005 and hurricanes battering every year, they country had no other option but to raise revenues through island’s oldest citizenship by investment program,

Fast forward to 2020, the islands CBI program has raised billions of dollars for the government bringing sustainable benefits and much needed prosperity to the twin island federation.

Covid has also accelerated global demand for second citizenship programs as Plan B. St Kitts is a top choice for Americans and Britons seeking second citizenship. Small countries such as St kitts have effectively managed to control coronavirus outbreaks, remaining  covid free country in the world.

St Kitts is a luxury citizenship program compared to Rolls Royce (a british luxury automobile maker.) for HNWI investors and families.

We believe that we have one of the best programs in the world today, which remains the Rolls-Royce of the global industry.
– Prime Minister Timothy Harris

The Citizenship by Investment program of St Kitts and Nevis is open to all country nationals who can afford to pay one single lump sum donation USD150,000  to the state’s development fund (SGF).

The Sustainable Growth Fund is an investment channel for the islands CBI program bringing extensive benefits to local population such as

  • Enhance the quality of education  Ensure the health and well being of a growing population
  • Develop climate resilience, protecting the twin-islands against the future effects of climate change
  • Build solid and sustainable infrastructure that will stand the test of time
  • Promote St. Kitts and Nevis’ booming tourism sector Share the distinct cultural flavour of the nation’s people Support indigenous entrepreneurship

The Government makes significant efforts to improve the elements of the program making it highly attractive to international investors. As a result a number of changes made to the program

  • Due diligence is strengthened to protect the integrity of the CBI. The Govt has appointed third party due diligence firms to strictly vet applicants and family members for high risk.
  • More visa waivers are signed every year to improve the passport power of St Kitts and nevis.
  • Government works closely with major powers such as European Union, United States, Canada and Australia
  • Real estate escrow legislation has been strengthened to protect citizenship investors.
  • Family Discounts were announced during Covid period making it cheaper.
  • Highly competitive with other Caribbean CBI programs

The CBI has transformed St Kitts and Nevis transforming every sector of the economy, led to the development of new hotels, port zante, healthcare and education.

St Kitts through its citizenship by investment, expands value of citizenship to more cosmopolitan as a citizen of world.

“We are true believers in mobility on an international scale.”
– Les Khan

Please see our Les Khan interview, CEO of CIU St Kitts and Nevis.