Many clients often dont know about the limited quotas available with Citizenship by investment (CBI) schemes.

CBI schemes present a  limited window of opportunity and you have to make the best use of it, as these schemes come and go due to changing governments, politics and criticism on risks associated with investor citizenship schemes.

The Caribbean schemes in general, do not impose any quota limits but limited citizenship quotas do apply for European schemes.

Note there is a difference between annual quota limit and total limit.

Here are the quick summaries of CBI schemes that have limited quotas.

Quotas Expiry
Malta 1500 applications in total. Capped to 400 files annually  no expiry set
Cyprus 700 applications / year scheme closed
Montenegro 2000 applications in total CIP expires Dec 31, 2021
Moldova 5000 applications Scheme suspended
North Macedonia 1000 applications
Bulgaria no limit no expiry
Vanuatu no limit no expiry
Turkey no limit no expiry set
Antigua and Barbuda no limit no expiry
Dominica no limit no expiry
Grenada no limit no expiry
St Kitts and Nevis no limit no expiry
Saint Lucia no limit no expiry set

Note: Application includes all family members who receive for citizenship and passport. A small family consists of 3 members (husband, wife and one child)

We ask clients to apply as early as possible to avoid the last minute rush which exhausts the limited quotas.  For some clients the application processing times takes 3-6 months if all the documents are not in order.

Also note that Global events, change in political climate and change in governments, make CBI schemes come and go. We ask clients to make use of  opportunity when the schemes are OPEN, later this chance wont be available. Anytime Governments make a decision to close CBI schemes.

We have also compiled a list of CBI schemes that may open in the future.