Saint Lucia is one of the most exciting citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean. In 2020, The Saint Lucia Citizenship BY Investment Unit made a number of legislative changes during Covid to make the program easier and attractive to foreign investors

The Saint Lucia is known for beauty, mountains, forests visited by over 1 million visitors every year and its passport is very well respected worldwide.  The immediate benefits of Saint Lucia citizenship, including a passport that allows visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to more than 146 countries

The Citizenship by Investment Act passed on 24th August 2015 enabling foreign investors and families acquire citizenship of Saint Lucia through these investment policies.

  • USD 100,000 to National Economic Fund
  • USD 300,000 in Approved Real estate projects (Canelles resort or Alpina hotel)
  • USD 250,000 in Non-interest bearing Covid Relief Government bonds (Limited offer until Dec 31, 2020)
  • USD 500,000 in Government issued Bonds.
  • USD 3,500,000 in joint enterprise business projects

Why Saint Lucia CIP?

  • Low cost and most affordable passport program
  • No personal visit required
  • Passport issued in 3 months
  • Efficient processing of applications
  • Family friendly inclusion options.
  • Transparent application process
  • Citizenship is discrete not reported
  • Visa free travel freedom to 140+ countries including United Kingdom, Schengen etc.


The total price is made up of two parts Govt fee + Lawyer fee.

For a Single applicant

Donation option

  • National Economic Fund: US$ 100,000 (one time contribution)
  • Due diligence + CIP application fee: US$ 9,500
  • Lawyer fee: US$ 10,000
  • Total sum: US$ 119,500

Zero coupon Covid Government bonds 

  • Covid Govt bonds: US$ 250,000
  • Due diligence + CIP application: US$ 7,500
  • Govt admin fee: US$ 30,000
  • Lawyer fee: US$ 10,000
  • Total sum: US$ 297,500

Considering the Government refunds US$ 250,000 after 5 years, the true cost of permanent citizenship is US$ 47,500

Additional costs apply for family members

Note: Lawyer fee varies from US$ 10,000 (single applicant) to US$ 15,000 (family). It is upto the lawyer to provide any discount on lawyer fee. No discounts available for Govt fee, contribution or DD fee (rules of the Govt)

Initial Documents

Be ready with the following documents for the local lawyer to file your initial application with the citizenship unit.

  1. Certified copy of Birth certificate
  2. Certified copy of all passport pages
  3. Provide a Police (If In USA need FBI not local police report ) for anyone 16 and over
  4. Provide a CV / Resume for anyone 18 and over
  5.  Original birth certificate needed ONLY when applying for passport

In addition the documents  must be accompanied with

  • Lawyers credential – this is the lawyer who is certifying all the documents as true copies
  • The medical examiners credentials – this is for the medical examiner who is doing the SL 8 form
  • Translators credentials – if there are any translations to be done , then these must be provided

Application forms

Attach the above documents with the CIP checklist which can can be downloaded here so that you can familiarise yourself with the process.  All other forms are here for free download

How to Apply?

You pay 10% of the total to start the application filing through the local lawyer. The rest you only pay after the application is approved by government. You dont have to pay if you are rejected.

Be ready with police certificate, FBI clearance, health certificate clearance to start the initial filing.  Your original birth certificate is required for the issue of Saint Lucia passport.

Processing times

The standard processing time is 60-90 days to issue citizenship certificate, if all documents are in order. After this 2 weeks to issue passport.