We have compiled the most important questions related to acquisition of turkish citizenship by property investment. Please see below

Where can i find official text for turkey property citizenship by investment program?

All the information is available here

How is the value of the real estate(s) necessary for citizenship calculated at the land registry office?

Total value of the bank receipts evidencing payment must match the value usd 250.000 taking into consideration the effective sale rate of the central bank of the republic of turkey applicable on the last business day preceding the date of payment.

The values given in the valuation report and the official deed must not be less than total values given in the bank receipt.

Which date is taken into consideration to determine the exchange rate for the bank receipts presented to evidence payment?

If the bank receipt is paid in turkish lira, the effective sale rate of the central bank of the republic of turkey applicable on the last business day preceding the payment date is relied upon to calculate the usd equivalent of the value in the bank receipt.

If multiple bank receipts (paid in turkish lira) of different dates are submitted, how is the value found?
Total values calculated based on the effective sale rate of the central bank of the republic of turkey applicable on the last business day preceding date, when each bank receipt is issued, must match usd 250.000.

Where to receive a valuation report from and is there an expiry date for it?
A valuation report is to be received from the valuation firms published on the website of capital market board (cmb) (http://www.spk.gov.tr/siteapps/sirketiletisim/list/gds) or the Turkish association of appraisers (TDUB) (http://www.tdub.org.tr/web/companylistform.Aspx). It is considered to be valid for three months following the date when it is issued. It will be considered valid starting from the time it is submitted until the procedure is complete.

How must the sale price of the real estate be transferred?
It must be deposited to the bank account of the seller or the seller’s authorized representative through such means as money transfer, eft etc. By the purchaser or the purchaser’s authorized representative and must be documented.

For real estates owned by public institutions and enterprises, such as toki̇ and emlak konut, the transfer/payment of the price may also be evidenced by a certified bank receipt or official letter showing the amount received.

How to get a “certificate of eligibility”?
Once the undertaking stipulated by the regulations is processed within the framework of the applicable regulations and the circulars regarding implementation thereof, the land registry directorate that consummated the procedure sends all the documents to general directorate of land registry and cadastre or the relevant regional directorate.

The foreigners, who receive a certificate of eligibility, first apply to the provincial directorate of migration management for residence permit and to the general directorate of civil registration and citizenship affairs for citizenship.

Is it possible to apply to acquire turkish citizenship through exceptional means with shares purchased in real estates?
It is possible if the share is worth usd 250.000 minimum.

Is it possible to purchase multiple real estates to acquire turkish citizenship?
It is possible.

Are all the real estates to be purchased at the same time?
No. It is possible to apply for the real estates purchased at different times.

What must be the quality of the real estate?
For processing an undertaking through sale, the quality of the real estate does not matter (it can be residence, land, field, orchard etc.) however, in cases, where undertaking is processed into a notarized agreement for the promise of sale, the real estate must be a real estate with condominium or construction servitude created thereon.

Is it possible for the foreigners, who own or who are shareholders in companies with foreign capital, to apply for citizenship with real estates owned by the company?
It is not. The real estate must be registered to the natural person, who is to file the application.

Is it possible for a person to apply to acquire turkish citizenship by purchasing the real estate of the company, in which such person holds shares?
It is not. The real estate(s) to be sold or promised for sale must not be registered to the legal personality of the company, in which the foreign natural person is a shareholder or director.

Does it matter from whom the real estate was purchased for the citizenship application?
The real estate(s) to be sold or subject to the promise of sale must be registered to turkish citizens. Moreover, it also must not be a real estate transferred by a foreign natural person after the date 12.01.2017 (including the foreign natural person to acquire and his/her spouse and children).

Is it possible to sell the real estate before the annotation in the registry expires (3 years elapse)?
The procedure will depend on the response to be received from the provincial directorate of civil registration and citizenship affairs.

Is it possible to apply for citizenship in case the purchased real estate has mortgage or attachment on it?
It is possible for the sale to take place along with an existing mortgage or attachment.

Is it possible to apply for citizenship if the real estate is purchased using a loan?
In this case, the advance payment amount remaining after subtracting the loan amount shall be taken into consideration. For sales with legal mortgage, on the other hand, the portion paid in advance must match the value of usd 250.000.

Is it possible to file applications for real estate acquisition through a power of attorney for the purpose of acquiring turkish citizenship through exceptional means?

It is possible if this is clearly stated in the power of attorney.

Is it possible to apply for turkish citizenship by an agreement for the promise of sale?

As applicable for 07.12.2018 and thereafter, the application may be filed after an undertaking is provided not to transfer and cancel the agreement issued before the notary for a period of three years, provided that the minimum amount of usd 250.000 or equivalent thereof is paid in advance for real estates with condominium or construction servitude created thereon.

How to apply for land registry procedures?

The owner of the real estate or authorized representative of the owner may visit the land registry directorate with the necessary documents and may file an application. (applications are usually filed before the noon break, by taking a ticket number at the land registry directorate.)

Moreover, foreigners, who are also citizens of turkey, may make an appointment through the center alo 181 or online using e-appointment (https://randevu.Tkgm.Gov.Tr/) and webtapu (webtapu.Tkgm.Gov.Tr) services.

Efforts continue to enable the foreigners benefit from the webtapu service, and foreigners will also be able to make use of this service when each foreigner is assigned a foreigner id no.

How to get power of attorney?
With the exception of power of attorney issued at consulates of the republic of turkey, any power of attorney issued in foreign countries must meet the following requirements:

  • It must be issued in the official language of the country of issue in a manner to contain the photo of the person concerned,
  • It must contain “apostille” under convention abolishing the requirement of legalization for foreign public documents (hague convention) or it must be certified by the consulate of the republic of turkey in the country, where the notary certifying the power of attorney is located,
  • It must contain authorization for the requested transaction,
  • It must be presented to the land registry directorate along with notarized turkish translation.
  • In addition to the foregoing requirements for power of attorney issued in foreign countries, the photo on the power of attorney must be certified by the issuing official by seal or embossed stamp or signature or stamp, depending on the position of the official issuing the power of attorney.

The requirements sought for the power of attorney containing apostille:

  • Apostille may be affixed directly on the document itself or on another paper to be attached thereto. If the apostille is on another document, then it must be attached to the certified document, and the seal of the certifying authority must be affixed on the physical attachment point.
  • Apostille may be in the official language of the authority issuing it or may be in another language. However, the title of the apostille must absolutely be in french, reading «apostille convention de la haye du 5 octobre 1961».
  • A duly filled in apostille certifies authenticity of the signature, title of the person signing the document and, when necessary, certifies that the seal or stamp on the document is authentic. Signature, seal or stamp on the apostille shall be exempt from any verification.
  • In addition, attention must be paid to the fact that the document and the relevant apostille must be issued by different authorities. And indeed, as the apostille certifies the signature and seal of the authority issuing the document, it is not possible for the apostille to be certified by the signature and seal on the document, to which it pertains.

Where do i get application forms?

Download here from turkey migration affairs office for long term residence permits. You can also apply for residence permit online

What are the necessary documents for property registration?

Identity document or passportIdentity document or passport indicating the foreign country of origin (along with translation when necessary) must be submitted.
Photo1 passport size photo of the seller 2 of the purchaser will be sought
Document regarding representation if the procedure involves representationPower of attorney, court order regarding guardian, letter of authorization etc. (If the transaction will take place based on a power of attorney issued abroad, original or certified copy of the power of attorney is to be submitted as accompanied by the translation)
Foreigner ID NoIn case Foreigner ID No does not exist, Land Registry Directorate will ensure allocation thereof during application.
Title deed for the real estate soldRequired if it exists.
Valuation report for the real estateTo be received from the firms authorized for valuation as licensed by the CMB (Capital Market Board) as published. on the official website of CMB.
Bank-certified receipts evidencing money transferMay be presented before or after the sale.
Compulsory earthquake insurance policyNecessary for buildings such as residences, workplaces etc.
Sworn interpreterNecessary if there is any party that does not speak Turkish (Must be authorized by the regional judicial commission).

How can i apply for Turkish citizenship from abroad?

Application Authority: Application authorities concerning citizenship applications are Turkish consulates at overseas and highest civilian authority (governorship of the city residing) within the country in accordance with 11th article of 403 Numbered Turkish Citizenship Law and 15th Article of Regulation concerning the application of this law.

Concerning citizenship applications of foreign nationals residing in Turkey and submitting their application within the country will be governed as the following;

Application files prepared by City Directorate of Population Registry and Citizenship where the application is submitted with regard to citizenship granting process will be sent to City Security Directorates to be investigated.

Final decision is taken by General Directorate of Population Registry and Citizenship for the foreign nationals investigation processes of which have been completed concerning whether they will be granted Turkish citizenship or not.