Grenada has seen a surge in applications for citizenship by investment programs. According to the latest CBI statistics, based on data reported by government, an excess of of 1800 applications were received for NTF and Real estate option since 2014 to Q2 2020.

The data shows interest is high for Grenada CBI program despite Covid pandemic. Infact Grenada received more applications during Covid period compared to the same time previous year.

CBI Applications20192020

A Very Attractive CBI program

Grenada CBI program remains very attractive for number of reasons below. For these reasons Grenada is No.1 citizenship by investment program in the world.

  • Grenada is suitable for low budget investors offering excellent passport benefits for the right price.
  • Backdoor access to E-2 investor visas for United States (no other caribbean passport offers this benefit)
  • No residence or visit requirements
  • Excellent opportunity to invest in Caribbean real estate
  • Visa free access to China, Russia, UK, EU/Schengen.

Take a look below the applications received for Grenada under CBI scheme from 2014 to Q2 2020.

Grenada CBI applications

Graph: CBI applications filed for Grenada from 2014 to Q2 2020 / Source: Finance ministry

The report also shows over 3800 passports were issued to investors through the citizens program. The NTF donations remains the most popular route followed by real estate investment.

The CBI Regulations state the minimum investment required to qualify are

  • NTF donation – USD 150,000 (one time contribution)
  • Real Estate – USD 200,000 (hold for 5 years)

All the application forms are available for free download

CBI Statistics

Applications filedNTF contribution.Real Estate

Source: Finance Ministry