Vanuatu has further simplified for citizenship by investment scheme. From now on, oaths for citizenship can be taken online  via zoom, skype or video conferencing).

Due to the strict measures in response to COVID-19, Citizenship Certificates will continue the use of Video Conferencing to deliver Citizenship Certificates until further notice. This was officially announced by Vanuatu citizenship commission

Previously oaths can only be taken physically in front of the Commissioner of Oaths in a ceremony in Vanuatu. This can also be arranged abroad (consulates in front of the officer but costs were born by client (approx $5000). Now oaths have moved online giving savings for investors.

An oath of citizenship is an oath taken by foreigners that officially naturalizes immigrants into citizens.  An oath of citizenship is designed to be a statement of patriotism and loyalty to the new country. In countries which retain a monarchical system of government, an oath of allegiance to the monarch is often required as well.

Once the oath is completed, the citizenship certificate is issued followed by vanuatu passport.

New prospective citizens of Vanuatu are required to swear allegiance to Vanuatu with the below words

“I, …………………….., do swear [or solemnly affirm] that I will well and truly serve and bear true allegiance to the Republic of Vanuatu according to law. [So help me God]”.

The Legislation for the taking of oaths in vanuatu is contained in the Oaths Act. It is not possible to become a citizen of Vanuatu without attending the oath ceremony (omission or neglect).