It is super easy to apply for citizenship by investment programs. All you have to do is keep some documents ready to quickly skip through the queues and get your approval super fast. This will significantly cut down your waiting time for passport.

Preparing for the paper work consumes the most time. The important thing here is all the documents should be in order, else more delays can be expected.

Follow these 5 simple steps when you apply for CBI programs with a peace of mind.

  • Estimated costs: USD 100,000 onwards
  • Time: 90 days (3 months)

HowTo: 6 Steps

  1. Pay initial deposit (10%) to Authorized agents
  2. Agent will file application for Citizenship
  3. Wait for Letter of Approval from Government (1-2 months)
  4. Pay the full investment plus other fees
  5. Take an Oath (online)
  6. Collect your passport from agent or at consulate near you

First get these documents ready

You should be aware that preparing these initial documents will take atleast one month

  • Passport and ID card copies
  • Birth certificate (apostille)
  • Police clearance certificate (apostille)
  • Health clearance / medical certificate
  • CBI Application forms (can be downloaded free from CIU websites)

You must also ready to provide the following credentials

  • TRANSLATORS CREDENTIALS– IF there are any translations to be done , then these must be provided

2. File your application

Now start the process with the above initial documents, file your application to Citizenship by Investment Units through the authorized agent (we can provide one). Remember it has to go through the approved agents (cannot be submitted by you). The agent will not require hard copies (scans are enough) to file through online portal of the government.

At this stage you will need to pay 50% of Agent fee plus CIP due diligence fees. Thats it.

The agent will do a initial KYC and Pre-due diligence check on you before filing the application with the government.

3. Letter of Approval

The Letter of Approval will be issued by the Government CIU after doing all the background checks. This will take 2-3 months, in case of Vanuatu 1 month.

At this stage, You will need to finish balance all the remaining investments within 90 days, provide all the remaining application documents to the agent and other missing documents. Once you make the investment, it is non-refundable.

If you are refused, then you only forfeit the due diligence fee and 50% agent fee you paid.

Important: You are NOT required to make or complete the investment before approved by government for your own safety and peace of mind. This applies for real estate and donation

5. Take an Oath

You are required to take an oath (skype, zoom etc) online in front of the officer, before being issued certificate of citizenship. The Oath is the final step, without taking oath you will not become full citizen.

6. Certificate of Citizenship

Once all the process is complete, the citizenship certificate of naturalization is issued. It is possible to collect this digitally.

7.  Passport

Your agent will apply for passport with original citizenship certificate and birth certificate. This will take another 1-2 weeks. You can collect your passport from your authorized agent or at the nearest consulate in your country.

Important: Your original birth certificate will be asked by passport office.

8. Renewals

Normally passports under CBI programs are issued for 5 or 10 years. You can renew your passport after expiry at the nearest consulate abroad.

We want to give you one last important tip, this will bring you huge savings.

9. Do not Overpay

Do not overpay! Under the government fees properly and be sure you are not ripped off by agents with hidden fees. You must understand there are 3 types fees involved

  1. Government donation / Real Estate
  2. Due Diligence Fee with Govt application fee.
  3. Agent fee

All these fees are clearly published with CIU Govt websites. Properly understand the differences with each of programs. All these things take a lot of time. Dont just jump!

You can compare prices using our calculator.

Once you have your passport, keep it safe. It is a fully valid international travel document recognized in more than 100 countries.