The Digital Nomad working style is a new trend in Covid-19 world. a growing number of countries are pushing forward to create the option of Digital Nomad Visa to attract remote workers.

These remote workers, or “digital nomads” prefer to live and work from anywhere in the world in ‘open offices’ such as sunny beaches, forests, sailing yachts in tandem with nature, using internet technologies.

Digital Nomad Visas (DNV) will be the new future and way of life during pandemic

In 25 years, it is expected there will be 1 billion digital nomads working remotely around the world. Covid-19 has significant increased demand of remote working, with more international and local companies are asking their employers to work from home or anywhere remotely.

As far as we know, these five countries have officially announced digital nomad visa schemes.

1. Barbados

Barbados introduced welcome stamp to attract tourists to work from beaches. Within a few months, the country received more than $1 million in revenues through the scheme. Barbados is one of the richest among caribbean islands.

You have to pay non-refundable fees upon approval and this visa is issued for one year. (12 months)

  • Individual – US $2,000.00
  • Family –   US $3,000.00

You can apply for this visa online and the official website to apply is

2. Estonia

Estonia first pioneered e-residency which became very popular, now recently opened Nomad visa scheme as of Aug 2020. Estonia is transforming how people in the world choose to work.

You will get a visa to work for 4 years with a peace of mind meeting the following conditions.

  • Work for a company or freelancer or self employed
  • monthly income threshold is €3504 (gross of tax).
  • Apply for this D visa (costs 100€) at any Estonian consulate abroad.

3. Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda launched Nomad digital visa to attract remote workers come work in the island tax free. This visa issued for 2 years to live or take up residence

The fee for Nomad digital residence visa is as follows

  • Single applicant: US$1,500.00;
  • Couple US$2,000.00;
  • Family of 3 and over: US$3,000.00


  • No Criminal record police certificate
  • Proof of income of a minimum of $50,000 per year
  • Medical insurance coverage
  • Evidence of self or employment.

You can apply directly online here

4. Georgia

Georgia will issue digital nomad visas for all travelers (up to 95 country nationals and residents. Such as US, EU, GcC countries, etc.) who could visit Georgia visa free and could stay in the country for up to one year. Once the application is approved applicants and their families will be allowed to travel and work remotely from Georgia.

Due to Covid you sign a declaration that you undergo 8 day mandatory quarantine.

You can file online through this portal

5. Croatia

Croatia announced opening of Digital nomad visa scheme making amendments the Aliens Act in Aug 2020 to legally regulate the stay of digital nomads.

This program is not officially announced yet, but you can check the update from migration directorate

6. British Virgin Islands

BVI is working on a new proposal to launch “Invest and Stay” scheme to attract investors and remote works to alleviate the effects of Covid on its economy. This scheme will offer long term residency without belonger status.