We have put together important difference between citizenship and residency by investment programs. Many often confuse between citizenship and residency.

Many media outlets do not use the right word. Be clear to say whether it is a Golden ‘Visa’ or ‘Passport’ program

Here are some important differences between citizenship and residency.

Differences Citizenship Residency
You become Citizen Resident (temporary / permanent)
What you get? Golden Passport Golden Visa /Residence permit
Commonly known as Citizenship By Investment
Investor Citizenship
Golden Passport
Economic Citizenship
Golden Visa
Investor Residence
Immigrant Investor
Travel Worldwide Regional (schengen area)
Price Low (starts $100K)  Expensive (starts $250K)
Personal Visit NO (yes for EU countries) YES
Citizenship Included Naturalization (slow)
Real Estate Ownership No restrictions Limited
Dual Citizenship Applicable Not applicable
Language and Cultural Integration Not required Required (if you want citizenship)
Rent a place NO (yes for EU countries) Yes (No if you buy real estate)
Renewals 5-10 years 2-5 years
Covid-19 Travel ban No bans for citizens Restricted access
Must live NO NO (yes if you want citizenship)
Education, Healthcare, Employment Equal rights Equal rights
Family members Immediate Immediate
Bank Account Yes Yes
Taxes* No (not based on citizenship) Yes (residence based taxation)
Rights* Full Citizen Rights Restricted (eg. No right to vote)
Deportation No Yes
Revocation Yes (fraud, false details) Yes (fraud, disrepute, wanted person)
Relinquish / Abandon Anytime Anytime
Embassy / Consular Assistance Yes Limited

* Please consult a CPA for your tax planning before you become a resident or citizen.