I have been a professional chess player for many years and for sure i have used gambits effectively in many situations. How does the game of gambits fit into citizenship?.

Gambits often played in the game of chess and also applies in real life with ‘citizenship’. A gambit is sacrificing one piece to attain superior position in a game.  This even goes as far as sacrificing a queen to win the game. Gambits is what separates a grandmaster and champion in the game of chess.

Gambits are frequently used in all aspects of life especially politics and business to win superiority with rivals.

It is also applies to ‘citizenship’.

The ‘Citizenship’ Gambit is giving up ones citizenship to attain a superior position in life in search of new life, freedom, opportunities and prosperity in another country. For example you could renounce your Chinese or Indian nationality to become a US, UK, EU or Canadian citizen.

The Citizenship Gambit only applies to those where dual citizenship is not permitted. Many asian countries still remain hostile to dual citizenship, while much of other parts of world are tolerant to dual nationalities. For example Indonesia, Singapore, Gulf states, India do not accept dual nationality.

Citizenship by investment programs in Malta, Cyprus and Bulgaria offer a quick path to acquire EU citizenship for investments. European countries emerged to have best citizenships in the world during Covid-19, according to our study on Best citizenships index 2020. US, Canada and Australia do not have citizenship schemes for investments, but it is possible to become a resident for investment first, then later a possibility of full citizenship. You have to wait for some years, no shortcuts.

Bobby fisher, one of the legendary chess champion of all times, was a master at playing gambits. In his later part of life tragedy struck.. Fisher played a chess game with Boris Spassky violating US sanctions in Yugoslavia, his US passport was revoked was arrested in Japan. Japan rejected his asylum and ordered deportation. Fisher tried to renounce his US citizenship in vain.

Iceland came to the rescue, offered him full citizenship for humanitarian reasons by icelandic parliament special act for putting Iceland on the map winning his world championships. When Bobby fisher died in 2008, he held three citizenships from Germany (from father), US and Iceland.

Fisher eventually failed in his real life gambit with citizenships, eventually when he couldn’t renounce his US citizenship.