Global uncertainties have fueled great interest for golden visa schemes in search of new life in a new country. The recent global events such as Hong Kong protests, Covid-19 crisis has created a niche market for golden visa programs.

Golden visas are residence by investment schemes in exchange for real estate investments or investing in government debt securities in exchange for permanent residence rights and possibly with a path to citizenship after some years.

Where to buy a golden visa? Take a quick peek inside this video.

Top 10 Golden Visas

These are the top 10 countries in the world to buy a golden visa based on pricing and investment benefits.

1. Greece – €250,000 Real Estate
2. Malta – €250,000 Govt bonds (or finance for €125,000 all inclusive price)
3. United States – $900,000 EB-5
4. Portugal – €350,000 Real estate
5. Spain – €500,000 Real Estate
6. United Kingdom – £2m tier1 investor visa
7. Ireland – €500,000 (endowment) or €1m business
8. Canada – C$1.2m Govt bonds (or finance for $250,000)
9. Italy – €250,000 Business / Innovative Startups
10. Latvia – €250,000 Govt bonds / Real Estate

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