The Golden visa scheme in Greece remains the most popular real estate investment program in Europe. Foreigners buying on or mor properties for €250,000 or more qualify for permanent residence permit valid for 5 years.

The Citizenship is remains the most important question for many, considering becoming a Greek citizen means full EU citizenship rights and passport. Not to mention Greece has the best EU passport in the world with visa free access to United States, Canada, Australia, All of South America, South Africa to 180+ countries.

Here is our answer to the most important question.

Can i get citizenship investing in Greece golden visas?

Yes, it is possible to get Greek citizenship through Golden visa scheme. In 2018, citizenship rules were relaxed for golden visa investors.

Here is the official explanation given by Enterprise Greece

According to the decision of the Minister of Interior no. 130181/6353/27.3.2018, published in the Government Gazette 1208/Β/2.4.2018, the residence permits of Real Estate Owners and permanent residence permit for Investors have been added to the categories of residence permits that are eligible for the submission of an application for the acquisition of Greek citizenship.

In this case, the applicants must fulfill all the preconditions of the Greek Citizenship Code applied for the acquisition of Greek citizenship by naturalization. The above ministerial decision applies only to the real estate owners and investors themselves, and not their family members, who must first obtain the long-term residence status, which is a prerequisite for naturalization.

Naturalization rules

Below are the conditions for non-Greek third country nationals applying for citizenship in greece

  1. Must be above 18 years of age.
  2. Hold a permanent residence permit and live in Greece for 7 continuous years or more for foreigners. Reduced 3 years for EU citizens or through marriage
  3. No criminal record
  4. Attend interview to demonstrate knowledge of Greek language (verbally and written), Greek history and culture, integration, public work engagement, economic benefits brought to Greece  etc.

The period of examination of applications by Ministry of Interior  may take atleast 2-4 years. There is a 700€ fee and once the decision is taken, it will be published in the Gazette. You have to take oath then to complete the citizenship formalities.

All in all you should wait around 9-10 years to become a Greek citizen. There are no shortcuts.