The CBI is a short form or acronym for Citizenship By Investment (CBI). This short form is widely used in marketing and promotions across the immigration industry.

CBI or Investor citizenship schemes allow a person to obtain a new nationality based on investment alone, according to European Commissions definition.

Citizenship by investment (CBI) schemes offer a fast track citizenship to foreign investors against one time economic donation to the state or investing in a approved real estate. Investors along their family members also receive passports.

At Best Citizenships, We designed the above red CBI logo a decade ago, when the whole industry started a decade ago. We distributed this image for free to market the programs. Today this logo still represents an iconic widely popular $5 billion dollar CBI industry

Clients who are new to understanding CBI programs, may not properly understand these short forms. So we have compiled all widely used acronyms and terms widely used by the experts for the CBI industry.

Using these acronyms makes things easy when you communicate with us avoiding any future confusions.


CBI – Citizenship (or Citizen) By Investment

CIP – Citizenship by Investment Program

CBI/CIP – Citizenship by investment (program)

RBI – Residence by Investment (RBI)

ECP – Economic Citizenship Program (ECP)

CBI/RBI – Citizenship by investment (CBI) and Residence by Investment (RBI)

C/RBI – Citizenship and Residence by Investment

GV – Golden Visas

MCBI – Moldova Citizenship By Investment

DCBIP – Dominica Citizenship By Investment Program

SKN – Saint Kitts and Nevis

IIP – Immigrant Investor Program

MIIP – Malta Individual Investor Program

CIP – Cyprus Investment Program

TCBI – Turkey Citizenship by Investment

EB5 – Employment Based Fifth Preference

CIU – Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU)

MSCAP – Montenegro Special Citizenship by Admission Program (MSCAP)

CBIU – Citizenship By Investment Unit

CBIC – Citizenship By Investment Committee (CBIC)

Full list is here