The Coronavirus had significant impact on the travel and tourism going so far as airlines grounded with no parking space and people were put in lockdown.

We did a quick study based on entry bans from IATA and NCCR on the move database and take look on the power passports before and after covid-19 based on the country restrictions full ban.

We found Global passport power came crashing down, tilting upside down similar to inversion of earth’s magnetic field.  All of a sudden all passports are now equal with Covid-19 giving equal chance to passport power.


  • China has the worst passport in the world for travels during Covid-19 as this country has the maximum entry bans for its citizens imposed worldwide.
  • Afghanistan, Somalia remained worst passports in the world for so many years suddenly moved up in power far better Passport than UK/US/Italy
  • European passports still top the rankings for best passports in the world during the pandemic

Worst passports before Covid-19

1. Afghanistan
2. Somalia
3. Yemen
4. Syria
5. Iraq / North Korea
6. Eritrea / Ethiopia
7. DR Congo
8. Pakistan
9. Libya / Sudan
10. Nepal

Worst passports during Covid-19

1. China
2. Iran
3. South Korea
4. Italy
5. Japan / United Kingdom
6. Hong Kong / Spain / Singapore
7. France
8. United States

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