It may seem unbelievable, thats exactly is happening today! The Coronavirus pandemic, completely changes the way, we think, we believe and do things.

Few months ago, it seems impossible to believe, citizenship and passports can be purchased online. Many only thought of it as a scam. It is becoming a real!  Technology is rapidly changing everything.

Imagine what do we do at home without internet or communications during pandemic. Losses are huge, no tourism, businesses are closed, many are left without work in poverty and shortage of food, cant travel to meet loved ones. Imagine, what do we do in home lockdown without internet, communications and no technology. We go back to dark ages!

The Global crisis forces all essential immigration and citizenship services go completely online as employees of government offices are required to work from home and carry out urgent services. This week Portugal announced citizenship status to all migrants in the country due to lockdown for a temporary period.

Citizenship by investment is no exception. This week citizenship units in the caribbean announced offices are being closed for visitors, but acceptance and processing of applications will remain open by online or email and employees are working from home.

In 2016, we launched Citizenship Shop with a innovative idea to buy citizenship online with a shopping concept. Our platforms gives opens up a concept of Virtual citizenship as a commodity acquired through the purchase of real estate or financial investments, subscribed to via an online service, or digital networks.

Back then we did receive fair amount of criticism, today many have opened their eyes and we have had a fair success with the platform. In 2018, we launched first digital currency for the citizenship industry citizenship coin, to facilitate digital payments for buying citizenship through CBI schemes facilitating cheaper, faster transactions without depending on banks.

Coming back, You have remember that it is entirely possible to buy citizenship and passports online ONLY through accredited citizenship by investment schemes. All other offers are unreal, too good to be true.

And only six countries, at the moment offer this perk of buying citizenship 100% online, at the comfort of your home during lockdown.

  1. Vanuatu
  2. Grenada
  3. St Kitts and Nevis
  4. Saint Lucia
  5. Dominica
  6. Antigua and Barbuda

All other countries Turkey, Malta, Cyprus still require you to visit to complete the citizenship formalities. These countries have not switched CBI schemes to online yet and wont do it probably.

How does buying citizenship or passports online work?

CBI schemes makes it easy for citizenship investors. All there is just a few steps involved.

  1. Initial contact pay 10% agent fee to agent to start the process.
  2. Agent will do KYC and file application with the Citizenship office
  3. Wait for Approval letter from Citizenship office (1-2 months)
  4. Pay the remaining government fee and contribution (directly to government not to agent)
  5. Take an Oath of allegiance (online video or written)
  6.  Passport collected from agent, registered courier/ mail or at consulate.

That is all there is for buying passport online!

From the above steps, it will be clear that you ONLY pay 90% of the amount after receiving approval letter from government. So there is no chance of scam or deceit. If you are refused you will only lose the initial deposit

You have to understand the entire concept of going ONLINE is to avoid face-to-face human contacts. Switching to online services makes it easier, faster and cheaper for most services.

Real estate is the worst hit, tourism and travel have gone become zero and may dramatically have an impact on weakening the price in the market. Many CBI schemes link real estate with citizenship which requires complicated paperwork and also requires face to face contacts with humans. It is probably wise in our opinion not to invest in the real estate market until the dust settles down.