Citizenship by investment (CBI) schemes offer an excellent opportunity to invest in 5 star hotels and resorts for a passport. You can buy a hotel share in luxury hotels and resorts in Caribbean and Europe. Some of these hotels are already in construction and others are completed.

The following are some of the well known five star hotels

  • Marriott
  • Six Senses
  • Park Hyatt
  • Kempinski
  • Hilton

The minimum share in hotel to buy for citizenship is USD 220,000 in the Caribbean. You should expect another USD 80,000 as passport costs, in the form of Govt fee. So you should expect close to USD 300,000 invested for 5 years for a family passport. After 5 years you can sell the equity share to another buyer.

These hotels are already approved projects by Government under Citizenship by investment program (CIP)

Here are the prices for Hotel share + citizenship + passport in these countries

  • Dominica – USD 277,000
  • Grenada – USD 299,000
  • St Kitts and Nevis – USD 275,000
  • Cyprus – EUR 3.5m to EUR 10m

We especially recommend Grenada as it has a very good passport with visa free access to Russia, China, UK, EU schengen area.  There is also a very good give star Six senses hotel under construction scheduled to complete in 2021.

In Europe, there are only few hotels available for sale. For example in Cyprus, full hotel prices start from EUR 3.5 million and they qualify for Cyprus passport.  It is also possible to buy a hotel room or share in a big hotel developments in Malta or Cyprus.

Investing in hotels rather than residential properties, have a number of benefits.

  • Commercial investment in tourism sector
  • No maintenance required
  • High profit margins
  • Creates jobs and contributes to economy
  • Permanent residence status

One other important benefit of investing in Hotels is you get permanent residence status along with your passport. Investing in hotels or buying a real estate proves a genuine link to the new country also a valid reason to hold a passport. You will also a local home address.

Please contact us if you are interested in investing in luxury hotels. We directly work with hotel developers without intermediaries through our platform.