Hotel investments has become an exciting new trend in the citizenship by investment (CBI) industry.  With rising tourism and soaring commercial property prices hotels are viewed as care free investment vehicles by foreign investors who seek a passport, that comes as additional perk that comes with investing hotel.

How it works?

You can invest in hotels through the following options

  • Single Hotel room in  a luxury five or four star hotel ($500,000 or more)
  • Buyback Hotel Equity share in a luxury hotel ($200,000 onwards)
  • Full hotel ownership with title ($3.5 million onwards)

What you get?

In addition to investing in hotels, you get

  • Passport + citizenship for investors and family in Europe/Caribbean
  • Rental income from bookings
  • High profitability
  • Sell after 3-5 years

Why invest in hotels?

Hotel investments have significant benefits compared to residential real estate investments. Here is a quick summary of comparison.

  • High yield from day one with guaranteed income and capital growth ideal for long term financial planning
  • Hassle and care free investment – sit back, relax and requirement to visit
  • Governments that offer citizenship need proof of job creation, revenues from taxes and meeting tourism benefits from investors, so it is a guaranteed investment vehicle for instant citizenship.
  • Commercial property prices are higher than residential prices, so higher profitability gains.
  • Hotels are maintained and managed by staff by excellent standards, while residential property require self management and maintenance by landlord.
  • Hotels do not contribute to rise in residential property prices.
Job creationyesno
Revenue Generation for Governments incl TaxesYesNo
Personal visitsNo personal visit requiredRequire personal visit to take care of property
Rental income60% from nightly booking (shared with hotel management)Airbnb / Rent
HolidaysAllowed 4-6 weeks / yearAnytime
Property maintenancenoneself
Average price$300 / night (luxury hotels)$150/night

Hotel Rooms

Buying a single hotel room creates decentralized ownership in hotels. Your name is recorded in land registry as owner of hotel room. It is cheaper to invest in hotel rooms rather than buying entire hotels.

Where can i buy?

There are only selected few countries that offer instant citizenship within months for hotel investments through CBI schemes.


  • St Kitts and Nevis – $200,000 (share)
  • Antigua – $200,000 (share)
  • Grenada – $220,000 (share)
  • Dominica – $200,000 (share)


  • Cyprus – €2.5m onwards for a room or €3.5m-€10m in full hotels
  • Portugal – €350K in buyback hotel shares (residency -> citizenship)
  • Greece – €250K buyback hotel shares (residency -> citizenship)
  • Malta – €300K buyback hotel shares (residency -> citizenship)
  • Montenegro – €250,000 onwards (hotel share) or €5m in new developments

Hotel Citizenship Platform

We have launched platform exclusively for hotel buyers who seek a second passport. You can buy hotel rooms or entire hotels through our platform. Our platform connects investors directly to hotel developers without intermediaries, so that investors dont have to pay inflated prices through agents or middlemen. Our platform is free and we dont charge any fee for hotel buyers.

For list of hotels for sale that comes with citizenship, please checkout