Instability in Hong Kong as a result of protests, there have been significant rise in inquiries asking for Golden visa / residence by investment schemes. Many Hong Kong residents already looking to establish backup second residency in Europe, Canada and United States.

Hong Kong has the highest concentration of millionaires anywhere else in the world. Since Hong Kong passport is already the best passport in the world in top 3, many Hong Kongers only look for residence schemes and not for another passport. CBI schemes are not popular with HK residents.

The Golden visa schemes with no residency requirements are of specific interest to Hong Kong nationals, as they dont want to spend too much time in a new country and want to return to Hong Kong once the region returns to normal life.

The Inquiries and website visits from Hong Kong also spiked  since couple of months on the Best Citizenships (BC) platform.

As a part of new developments, we offer the following cheapest second residency programs to Hong Kong investors, through the law firms we work with.

Malta ResidencyEUR 100,000 (financing option) instead of EUR 250,000
Greece ResidencyEUR 250,000 (real estate)
Canada Quebec IIPCAD 350,000 (financing) instead of 1.2m CAD

For rich investors, we offer the following solutions

United States EB-5$500,000 (until Nov 21)
$900,000 (after Nov 21)
United Kingdom (tier1 investor)£2m (fastest approvals 3 weeks)
Ireland€500,000 (donation)
€1m (Businesses/Investment funds)

Best citizenships platform connects clients directly to trusted and licensed law firms and real estate developers without any intermediaries.

Interested Hong Kong nationals can contact us for residency or citizenship solutions.