Best Citizenships (BC) is now Airbnb platform for the Citizenship by Investment and Golden visa industry.

Our platform directly connects clients and Government authorized law firms directly instead of intermediary agents for citizenship and residency matters. We also connect clients directly with real estate developers directly, avoiding brokers or middlemen, so that this way it  cheaper for clients and dont have to pay inflated property prices.

We launched Best Citizenships (BC) platform way back in March 2011 as one of the first online platform for the CBI/RBI industry. We are oldest in the industry and as of today we have served hundreds of HNW investors and their family with citizenship and residency.

Our platform is free of charge for clients seeking private consultation and price quotes.

The World is changing fast with new technologies find their way into businesses. Platforms like Uber, Airbnb are changing everything, so as our BC platform for the CBI industry.

How it works?

  • Clients first decide on whether they want citizenship or residency
  • Chose the country of your choice.
  • Approach contacting us for a free quote with private consultation with your background.
  • Best Citizenships will put you in touch with the Lawyer firm or agent authorized by the government.
  • Pay directly to the qualified licensed agent.
  • Get your citizenship or residency.

How clients can benefit through our CBI platform?

Using our platform has many advantages for clients.

  • We directly work with Government authorized agents and clients don’t have to go through chain of intermediaries/agents.  This way it is cheaper for you and you don’t have to pay too much fee.
  • We directly work with property developers, so clients investing in real estate don’t have to pay inflated broker fee or property costs. We are compensated directly by real estate developers and we don’t charge any fee to our clients.
  • We directly engage our clients with our trusted and authorized law firms by Government in terms of documentation and paperwork. This way processing times gets much faster, it doesn’t go through agents.
  • You can also make payments directly to the Law firms/ Authorized agents we work with confidence. You can negotiate prices, without our consent. We get compensated by law firms we work with as percentage of lawyer fee.
  • Our platform cannot provide legal advice for clients, which only our law firms can do, so that clients are not misinformed.