The Montenegro Government has now expanded citizenship by investment scheme from real estate to agriculture, fisheries and wood processing sectors. Previously only tourism and hotel development projects were eligible for special citizenship by admission scheme which is limited only to 2000 investors running for three years until 2022.

The Montenegro Citizenship by investment program (MCBIP) launched in 2018, is now officially open for applications.

Montenegro Government has already announced List of Agents, Due diligence providers and list of approved. development projects

MCBIP will follow GRANT + Investment model. Under  the model Applicants have to pay €100K donation fee to development fund in addition to the investment.

Montenegro has Candidate country status with plans to join EU and Schengen area by 2025, makes it interesting for future investors and the country has  lowest property prices in Europe, makes it attractive investors who also want citizenship perk.

The following are the investment conditions to acquire citizenship under MCBIP scheme.

1. Real Estate

  • €250,000 (outside Podgorica) or EUR 350,000 in Podgorica
  • €100,000 additional donation to development fund.

2. Hotels and Resorts

  • €15 million tourism developments in the coastal region or the capital Podgorica, Employing at least 80 employees and have at least 60 accommodation units
  • € 5 million in the northern or central region, except the capital Podgorica, at least 25 employees and 35 accommodation units

The list of development projects in the field of tourism will be approved by the Government, at the proposal of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.

3. Agriculture

Investment primary agricultural production is at least  2,000,000 and create atleast 10 jobs

4. Wood Processing

Investment of €4 million and employing atleast 20 people

5. Fisheries

Investment of atleast €3.5 million in fisheries and processing products and employing 20 people