We have compiled the data for comparing  citizenship by investment (CBI/CIP) schemes.  This data consists of 30 very important factors to rank best citizenship by investment scheme to apply.

The chart gives you in-depth knowledge into the countries running CBI schemes and you will have a chance to decide which country is the best for you taking into account education, healthcare and passport power.

European countries clearly outrank caribbean and other countries in so many ways, undoubtedly these are best countries to live, work, study and do business with utmost personal freedom.

Citizenship by Investment (CBI)MontenegroMaltaCyprusSt KittsAntiguaGrenadaDominicaSt LuciaVanuatuTurkeyBulgaria
Real Estate€250,000na€2.5M$200K$200K$220K$200K$300Kna$250K€1m
Safety Score59.5266.4770.6945.5932.7272.957.952.966.6959.659.8
Visa free countries123182173151150143137145129111169
Personal visit requiredYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNoNoYesYes
EU schengen visa freeyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesnoyes
Visa free to United Kingdomnoyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesnoyes
Visa free to United Statesnoyesnonononononononono
Visa free to Canadanoyesyesnononononononoyes
Visa free to Russiayesnonoyesyesyesyesnoyesnono
Visa free to Chinanononononoyesnonononono
GDP billion122035.90.892.
How Rich CBI countries – GDP per capita $19,12044,58741,57215,57325,99816,6009,72015,2252,6318,62524,577
CBI Passport time (months)3126333331320
Residency conditions3 weeks12 months6 months05 days0000020 months
Dual citizenshipyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Oath ceremonyyesyesyesNoyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
EU citizenship / passportnoyesyesnononononononoyes
E-2 treaty with USyesnonononoyesnononoyesyes
Education Rank74481913012995971171487647
Healthcare Rank995241008685356812770102
HDI Rank502932727075103901386451
Publish citizens names in Official GazettenoyesnonononoyesnonoNAno
Government Debt0.7130.5271.0450.6580.9270.8440.810.8290.3130.2960.286
Personal Income Tax0.150.350.350000000.350.1
Due DiligenceStrictVery StrictStrictGoodGoodGoodGoodStrictGoodGoodStrict
CBI TransparencyNAVery GoodAverageBadGoodGoodBadAverageBadAverageGood
Passport Validity1010101055105101010
Biometric Passportyesyesyesyesyesyesnononoyesyes
Right to Vote / Government Officeyesyesyesnonoyesnononoyesyes
Honorary Citizenshipnonononononononoyesnono
Third Generations Citizenshipyesyesyesnonoyesnononoyesyes
Passport renewal fee USD30570803503001751200 (expedited)8016018020

This data was used in our PBS scoring model to rank which CBI scheme is best to apply?

We assigned points to these data and the results came through were very interesting.  You will notice

  • Vanuatu is one of the exclusive passports having the fastest processing times within a month
  • Grenada is the most valuable and best passport
  • St Kitts passport has access to most visa free countries in the Caribbean.
  • Moldova CBI scheme has been suspended lately so we have not listed Moldova in the data list.
CBIPBS ScoreRank
  Moldova (suspended)1147
 St Kitts1138
  St Lucia10011