These are the latest fees for citizenship and passports applicable in Vanuatu.  In accordance with the Citizenship Act [Cap 112], the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission grants different types of citizenship. These are the different forms of citizenship acquisitions in Vanuatu:

  1. Citizenship by Naturalization (Form A)
  2. Citizenship for Non-Citizen married to a Vanuatu Citizen (Form B)
  3. Citizenship by Entitlement (Form C (a))
  4. Citizenship by Regain (Form C (b))
  5. Citizenship  to an investor under the Capital Investment Immigration Plan (Form D)
  6. Honorary Citizenship under Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP)
  7. Citizenship to an individual under Vanuatu Contribution Program (VCP)

Vanuatu Citizenship fees consists of application fee + citizenship certificate fee

Application and Citizenship Certificate Fees

Forms Application Fee Citizenship Fee
NATURALIZATION – Form A VT5,000 per application VT300, 000 per application
NON-CITIZEN MARRIED TO A CITIZEN – Form B VT5,000 per application VT50, 000 per person
C (a) – ENTITLEMENT VT5,000 per application VT50,000 per person
VT20, 000 (Children under 18 years) per child
C (b) – REGAINING VT5,000 per application VT50,000 per person
VT20, 000 (Children under 18 years) per child


250 USD 260, 000 USD (includes main applicant, spouse and 1 child aged under 18 years)
19, 250 USD (extra child less than 18 years, IF included)
44, 250 USD (a dependent aged 18 to 21, IF included)

Please note CIIP replaced with DSP (development support program) and VCP (citizenship contribution program) for investments offering honorary citizenship.  Currently the prices for DSP/VCP citizenship schemes are the same for $150,000

Passport Fee

Depending on the passport service required:

  •  Normal Vt 7,000 (up to 21 days processing time)
  •  Express VT 10,000 (up to 14 days processing time)
  •  Urgent VT 15,000 ( up to 3 days processing)


Note: 1 USD = 117 VT (vatu)