Yellow passports are Gold passports that are obtained under Citizenship by investment schemes. We have coined this new word ‘Yellow passport’ to substitute Second passports becoming a new brand for the CBI industry.

These passports can be acquired under ius doni (donation) or through real estate investments in more than 12 countries in Europe, Asia Pacific and Caribbean.

These Yellow golden passports have become the status symbol for the rich and wealthy families who want to protect their assets against global volatility and instability. The Yellow passport presents an excellent opportunity to become a world citizen

The biggest perk that comes with Yellow passports are global mobility and visa free travel freedom. For example a Antigua or Dominica passports offer visa free travel to over 150+ countries to United Kingdom, Schengen area, Russia etc..

We work with the government authorized agents with respect to client applications. All applicants undergo background vetting and additional checks before being granted Yellow citizenship and passports

So how much yellow passports cost?


Dominica — USD 100,000 (donation) / USD 200,000 (real estate)
Antigua — USD 100,000 (donation) / USD 200,000 (real estate)
Saint Lucia — USD 100,000 (donation) / USD 300,000 (real estate)
Grenada — USD 150,000 (donation) / USD 220,000 (real estate)
St Kitts and Nevis — USD 150,000 (donation) / USD 200,000 (real estate)


Malta — EUR 900,000 (donation) , Real estate EUR 350,000 additional
Cyprus — EUR 2,150,000 (real estate)
Montenegro — EUR 350,000 (real estate)

Asia and Pacific

Turkey — USD 250,000 (real estate)
Vanuatu — USD 150,000 (donation)