There is a very common misconception and confusion about second passports obtained through Citizenship by investment (CBI) schemes. Unfortunately this is totally wrong!

CBI Passports from investment schemes do not create new identities. Passports issued under CBI schemes preserve the same identity. It is not possible really erase the place of birth (POB). The POB field remains the same no matter how many passports or dual citizenships you have.

All countries offer Citizenship by investment (CBI) collect biometrics, including fingerprints, blood types, which makes it impossible to create new identities or impersonation. e-passports hold these biometric information in the chip and are checked at the border.

Name changes are not allowed in applications.

All dependents also undergo background checks before being issued a passport. A police clearance or no criminal record certificate required in all places the applicant has resided in the past 10 years. Further applicants had to explain source of funds.

Passports (CBI) can also be revoked later for fraud, concealment or criminal activities or imprisoned abroad for 12 months or more.

Agents authorized by governments conduct the first layer of due diligence checks before being passed to Government who conduct their own due diligence checks through third party service providers.

Proper knowledge and understanding of due diligence checks is the key for keeping shady characters away from applying for CBI schemes.