Montenegro has launched the latest and most recent citizenship by investment program (CIP) in Europe. The scheme will officially start accepting new applications by end of 2019.  The Government already announced three agents and two due diligence firms.

Montenegro is also an exciting citizenship through investment opportunity for real estate investors. The country recently seeing a boom in tourism and also being a candidate country for EU membership most likely to join Union in 2025, makes the citizenship scheme more attractive.

Under the special investment conditions, Montenegro will offer citizenship to 2000 families and will only run until the end of 2021 for a period of three years.

The following are the eligible conditions to become a citizen of Montenegro through investments

1. Real Estate

  • Real estate outside Podgorica (north) – €250,000*
  • Real estate in Podgorica – €450,000*

Additional donation fee €100,000 to state fund apply. Plus there are application fee, processing fee and due diligence fee

Also large scale investment projects qualifies investors for citizenship

2. Investment projects

  • Five star hotels – €5m to €15m
  • Agricultural production –  least €2.000.000, in the processing of agricultural and employ 10 people
  • Fishing sector – at least €3.500.000 and employ 20 people
  • Wood processing – at least €4,000,000 and employ 20 people.
  • Tourism hotels – atleast € 5.000.000 creating atleast 60 jobs


Investors will be issued citizenship very fast after necessary checks by government within 2-3 months. Permanent residence card will also be issued within 3 weeks.

Montenegrin passport is one of the valuable passports in the world. As of July 2019, Montenegro passport had visa free travel to 122 countries in the world including EU schengen area, Russia, Turkey etc.

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