Paid Citizenship means receiving instant citizenship in a foreign country for money or investments. These citizenship schemes are commonly known as Citizenship By Investment (CBI).

Paid Citizenship

These citizenship schemes are becoming more popular among investors looking for alternative opportunities,  driven by global uncertainty issues such as Brexit, Hong Kong protests and political crisis and fear of recession.

Roughly two thousand years ago, Romans offered paid citizenship for money. One could buy Roman citizenship, at a very high price. Roman citizens enjoyed a number of rights and privileges that came attached with citizenship, including free movement across the Roman empire from east to west, owning a property, legal rights etc. The granting of Roman citizenship to allies and conquered lands through Romanization, played a very important role in the success story of Rome.

There is an entire CBI industry built around paid citizenships, currently worth $2bn annually. This industry creates new population of“paid citizens” who live in diaspora.

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