Citizenship is a golden word.

It gives new life and is one of the most desired legal status in the world at a time when globalisation completely changes the way we think about immigration.

Citizenship is not one dimensional, infact it has three dimensions:

  • Citizenship by birth
  • Citizenship by migration
  • Citizenship by retirement

playing a big role in everybody’s life and is the most desired status anyone would to pursue mobility and freedom.

The rich and wealthy are prepared to pay six figures or millions for this new citizenship status through citizenship by investment schemes, while those who are not so rich wait for years to naturalize for citizenship. Investment Citizenship has become a new luxury item today replacing all luxury items.

Citizenship is not restricted one language or culture. All we have to do is just  open our eyes to see the world.  It is already there!

This is how is how the word “citizenship” written and spoken across many countries in the world in popular languages, across several cultures. These are very interesting!

We have compiled this full list for you.

 English Citizenship







гражданство (grazhdanstvo)

 Chinese (simplified)

國籍 (Guoji)


المواطنة   (almuatina)



 India (Hindi)

नागरिकता   (Nagrikta)

 Greekιθαγένεια   (ithagéneia )


Download the pdf for full list of 190+ languages