Antigua and Barbuda CIU has announced the special citizenship offer of 50% discount which is extended permanently from 2018. There is also a real estate discount.

There is a Limited Time Offer (LTO) applied to the NDF and Real Estate options as follows:

1. National Development Fund (NDF)

  • The threshold for the National Development Fund (NDF) option has been reduced by 50%;
  • From US$200,000 to US$100,000 for a family of up to four persons, and
  • From US$250,000 to US$125,000 for a family of five and over

2. Real Estate

Two (2) applications from related parties can make a joint investment, with each applicant investing a minimum of US $200,000 in order to qualify. All processing and due diligence fees remain unchanged.

Applicants who are interested in Antigua citizenship can avail the offer before it ends.