France is the most popular destination for chinese according to the schengen visa statistics.


Chinese received 2.8 million schengen visas in 2018 with increase of 11% compared to previous year. French consulates in china granting over 800,000 visas to chinese citizens,


Chinese schengen visa


Popular  schengen countries for Chinese

  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
Schengen visas issued by consulates in China – Source:

Least popular Schengen countries with Chinese

  • Lithuania
  • Slovakia
  • Latvia

Schengen visas issued by French consulate

French consulates in Shanghai and Beijing issued close to quarter of a million schengen visas

French consulate Visas
BEIJING 241,836
CHENGDU 78,329
SHANGHAI 243,836
WUHAN 58,721