We have developed a  Best Citizenships Index (BCI) for 2019 which answers which country has the best citizenship in the world.

Our PBS scoring model that takes into account 18 key metrics and mathematically scores to rank a citizenship 190 countries. We normalized all data, and fed it into our model for scores and rankings.

These important metrics include dual citizenship, naturalization time, birth citizenship, economy, military service, healthcare, education, peace, visa free countries  etc.

Germany, Ireland and Iceland take the top 3 spots in the BCI rankings.

Germany has the best citizenship in the World with european countries dominate top 3 spots in citizenship rankings. Out of the total score 145, Germany scored 112.4 points, taking the first place in citizenship rankings

Best Citizenships Rankings

Best Citizenships Index 2019

CitizenshipPBS scoreRank
United Kingdom109.834
United States108.076
New Zealand101.8115


Which country has the best citizenship in the world?

We believe when somebody considers a citizenship, the most important questions often asked are

  • Is the country safe and peaceful, offer more freedom?
  • Is my money safe? Does the country having strong economy, strong currency etc?
  • Does the country offer best education, health care?
  • How quickly can i naturalize for citizenship?
  • What good is a countries citizenship if there is no possibility to hold dual/multiple citizenship?
  • Does the country offer birthright citizenship?
  • Can i get citizenship through marriage?
  • Can i freely renounce the citizenship?
  • Does the country has compulsory military service?
  • How powerful is the passport with how many countries i can travel without visa?
  • How big/small the country is in terms of population?

BCI index answers these questions.

Ranking Metrics

  • Dual Citizenship – 10 points
  • GDP (PPP) – 10 points
  • Human Development Index (HDI) – 10 points
  • Global Peace Index (GPI) – 10 points
  • Per Capita Income – 10 points
  • Strong currency – 10 points
  • Population – 10 points
  • Education – 10 points
  • Freedom – 10 points
  • Healthcare – 10 points
  • Naturalization time in years – 10 points
  • Citizenship by Marriage – 10 points
  • Birthright Citizenship – 10 points
  • Military Service (compulsory) – 5 points
  • Citizenship Renunciation – 5 points
  • Citizenship for economic interest – 5 points
  • Visa free countries – 10 points


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