The Grenada Government has announced its commitment to make Grenada CBI more attractive and competitive.

A bill for amendments for Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act 2019 has been debated in the lower house and will soon be implemented.


  • Removal of permanent residence as a pre-requisite for citizenship
  • Remove the requirements for dependent children between the ages of 18 and 30 to be enrolled at an institution of higher learning and
  • Parents or grandparents over 55 years to be fully supported.
  • Secondary purchasers of CBI real estate units in approved projects to acquire citizenship
  • No changes to Prices, will remain the same for CBI options
  • Real estate investment reduced to USD 220,000


The Prime Minister made it clear that Grenada is not dependent on CBI, therefore we do not have to compromise on security to maintain CBI program.


Grenada CBI programme must be continuously reviewed to ensure that it remains competitive