The Citizenship by investment is a new concept for corporates which only became popular and gained momentum in late 2010.

Corporate investors investing in new hotels, resorts or other enterprise projects in sustainable development, are eligible for citizenship through investment schemes.


All corporate investors who own shares of certain threshold also qualify for citizenship including their family members


These schemes currently only run in 5 countries requiring a high value investment


  • Antigua and Barbuda ($5 million minimum provided $400K per company share)
  • Montenegro (€5 to 10 million on five star hotels, sustainable development energy)
  • Cyprus (no ceilings but contribution €2 million per share)
  • St Lucia ($3 million with each share of $350,000 )
  • Moldova (no limits but €250,000 per investor share)


In real world, Corporate citizenship refers to a company’s responsibilities toward society. The goal is to produce higher standards of living and quality of life for the communities that surround them and still maintain profitability for stakeholders according to Investopedia.


The corporate investment projects in these countries produce economic development in these countries, creating more jobs, support growth of tourism, more taxes and VAT collections bringing more benefits to society while still generating profits, while still meeting  legal, ethical and economic corporate responsibilities.


The Corporate investments can be made in any sustainable development projects in these countries such as green energy, education, transport, tourism, information technology, research etc.