The Lisbon real estate prices  is fast growing year by year, as Portugal becomes popular with tourism, quality of life, golden visas and Airbnb


There are reasons for rise in property prices.


  • Brexit: United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. So the companies are moving to Portugal (and other countries as well).

  • Awards: Lisbon have been winning several awards every year for its tourism, food, life quality, etc.

  • Brazilians interest: Brazilians are looking to buy properties and invest in real estate in Lisbon.

  • Golden visas: The government of Portugal is giving out golden visas for those who buy properties above a certain value (300k euros I guess).

  • Airbnb: As Lisbon tourism increases, it’s been more and more profitable to buy a property in Lisbon city centre, and rent throughout Airbnb (short term rentals). It’s giving a profit of up to 5% per year.


Foreigners prefer buying property in touristic and residential places in Lisbon.


In touristic places of lisbon, each square meter costs in average €3000 euros while in residential neighborhoods the square meter costs around €1700 euros.

Touristic neighborhoods in Lisbon


  • Bairro Alto,
  • Alfama,
  • Baixa Chiado,
  • Mouraria and
  • Graça

Residential areas in Lisbon

These are nice places to have a calm and quiet life, and not so far from the crowded touristic places.

  • Saldanha,
  • Lapa,
  • Campo Grande
  • Areeiro.


In Jan 2019, the average of bank appraisals for housing flats in Lisbon reached a record high of €1,504 per sq.m