The Ireland Immigrant investor program (IIP) dubbed as Irish golden visa was introduced in April 2012 to encourage inward investment to create business and employment opportunities in the State.  The €1 million in projects must be made for a minimum of three years, which may be renewable following a review.


As of Feb 2019 statistics published by Justice department , Ireland received 420 applications for immigrant investor program in 2018.


From the report, majority of applications are pending processing with delays for 2018, with only less than 40 applications being approved.


  • 38 Approved
  • 379 pending processing,
  • 420 total applications


Application YearNumber of Approved Applications
201838 Approved
379 pending processing, 420 total applications


The reform of scheme is expected in late 2019 after external review of the IIP scheme is completed.

Ireland has tightened the scheme in 2018 for AML, Due diligence and OECD tax compliance.