Green has become super-attractive for golden visas and property investment. With just 31 people applied for golden visa in  2013, in a span of five years, this number quickly rocketed to 3,620 golden visa permits in 2018, making greek golden visa scheme best in Europe.

Greece requires just €250,000 real estate investment and foreigners can receive five year permanent residence permit and free movement in the the schengen area. Property buyers are free to invest in residential, hotels, resorts or commercial properties and also free to let the property for rent or airbnb.


Golden visa Portugal Greece
Inception 2012 2013
Required investment €350,000 €250,000
Total Investment €4.25 billion €2.2 billion
Residence permits for property investors in 2018 1409 3620  (until Nov 2018)
Residence permits for family members in 2018 2500 6136
Permits issued per month in 2018 for property investment 117  301
Average property investment per golden visa €585,000
Golden visa path to citizenship Yes, after 5-6 years Yes after 7 years

Source: SEF, Enterprise Greece

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