The Saint Lucia passport is the biggest climber by two places in the Caribbean  in the 2019 Henley passport rankings with visa free travel to 145 visa free destinations in the world.

St Lucia passport is the  31st powerful passport in the world

The Saint Lucia passport also ranks 7th best CBI passport among citizenship by investment schemes. Among the Caribbean CBI passports, Saint Lucia passport scores 3rd in Henley rankings.


Saint Lucia Passport rankings


Citizenship by Investment

St Lucia also offers a citizenship by investment program in the Caribbean. Foreign investors are required to pay

  • USD 100,000 to Government fund or
  • USD 300,000 Real estate investment
  • USD 500,000 Government bonds
  • Joint investment USD 1.5 million invested in Business enterprise projects by each applicant in a total USD 6 million project


Visa free travel

In 2019, Saint Lucian passport had access to 145 visa free countries. Some of these countries are

EU member states

United Kingdom and Ireland







South Korea




Visa required

A valid visa required to visit these countries

  • China,
  • Russia
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Japan
  • Australia and New Zealand