European countries have the best and powerful passports in the world in terms of travel freedom, respect, recognition, visa free travel and openness towards dual citizenship passports.

Brexit problems and UK’s exit from the EU caused the value of the passport to plunge in recently. Before 2016 UK passport was one of the top three powerful passports in the world.

Today France and Germany are the best and powerful european passports, according to Henley passport rankings 2019.  Croatia, San Marino and Andorra are at  the bottom of the table for least powerful passports.


Passport Visa free countries  CBI/RBi
 France 188
Germany 188
Denmark 187
Italy 187 RBI
Finland 187
Sweden 187
Luxembourg 186 RBI
Spain 186 RBI/Golden visa
Austria 185
 Netherlands  185 RBI
Norway 185
Portugal 185 RBI/Golden visa
Switzerland 185
United Kingdom 185 RBI
Belgium 184
Greece 184 RBI/Golden visa
Ireland 184
Czech Republic 183 RBI
Malta 182 CBI/RBI
Iceland 181
Hungary 180
Latvia 180 RBI/Golden visa
Lithuania 180
Slovakia 180
Slovenia 180
Estonia 177
Liechtenstein 178
Monaco 174
Poland 174
Cyprus 173 CBI/RBI
Bulgaria 169 RBI
Romania 169
Andorra 168
Croatia 168
San Marino 168 RBI

Source: Henley Passport Index 2019


CBI – Citizenship by Investment scheme
RBI – Residence by investment scheme
CBI/RBI – Citizenship and Residence by investment

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