The Antigua Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) has released citizenship by investment report for 2018. The citizenship scheme was launched in Oct 2013.

We have analyzed the report published by government and we have calculated some approximate unofficial figures

CIP Applications

Antigua receives on average 28 CIP applications per month, of which 20 applications for NDF monthly

Antigua received a combined total of 1547 applications in total since 2013 until June 2018. Some 71% of applications received for NDF contribution, 16% for real estate and 12% for business investment

CIP Revenues


NDF Fund: NDF contributions received approximately $240 million in total. Note that the NDF contribution was $200,000 before oct 2017 after that reduced by 50% to $100,000

Real Estate: Antigua received 248 real estate investment applications. Assuming $400,000 invested in real estate minimum per application, approximately $100 million invested in real estate through citizenship scheme.  There are approximately 44 approved real estate projects including hotels, residential and commercial properties for citizenship.

Business investment: 187 CIP applications received for business investment from foreign investors. Currently there are 13 approved business enterprise projects approved by Antigua and Barbuda investment authority. Assuming each investor contributed $400K to $5 million investment, the would have contributed atleast $75 million businesses in Antigua. This is a bare approximate minimum and of course there should be more investors who have invested $1.5 million per application.


CIP revenues through processing fee: $27.8 m for processing  fee for NDF applications, $12.4 million for real estate processing fee, $9.3 million for processing fee for business investment projects. In total approximately $49.5 million received in processing fee alone.


Total investment: The total investment, approximately $465 million over the five years since 2013. We believe some half a billion has been invested in Antigua and Barbuda, thanks to citizenship by investment scheme running over five years.


GDP: Antigua and Barbuda GDP in 2017 was $1.5 billion. We believe Antigua’s citizenship by investment programme, have contributed approx 30% of the 2017 GDP

CIP Applications

CIP Investment

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