Portugal remains the most popular european golden visa schemes for property investment. According to latest statistics released by SEF, 126 golden visas have been granted for the month of November 28.


  • Of the 126 golden visas, 121 have been issued for real estate property
  • Some 209 family members received residence permits in this month alone.
  •  A total €77 million euros invested in ARI/golden scheme in Nov 2018 in one month alone.
  • €71 million euros invested in property, averaging €636,000 euros per property which is well above €500K minimum.
  • Each investor on average brought two family members


A total of €4.15 billion euros invested in Portugal since the golden visa scheme started on  08th of October 2012


Top country nationals who invested in November

  • China – 50
  • Brazil – 17
  • Turkey – 15
  • South Africa – 3
  • Russia – 5


In the year Jan-Nov 2018, a total of 3,189 residence permits granted under Golden visa scheme for investors and family members.